I’m a manager – is there anything useful in the program for me or my team?

The Build on You Program includes a number of short courses aimed at managers and leadership. We are also designing an INTACT version of Build on You so you will be able to learn as an entire team. Stay tuned!

Can I register my team?


We are working on options to enable team registration soon. Email with the subject line “team registration” to register your interest.

How can I use Build on You to support my team?


Build on You delivers accessible and manageable bite-sized content based on Defence’s 8 Future Focussed Capabilities in partnership with the Melbourne Business School. As a supervisor, you are encouraged to promote learning opportunities such as Build on You, which promote skills development, networking opportunities and can inspire and empower your team members. It is your role, as a supervisor to engage in ongoing quality conversations with your team. By engaging in the Build on You program participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Tailor learning to their individual and collective needs which support Defence at a strategic level
  • Address individual and specific skills gaps to enhance performance
  • Access a library of previous live sessions, activities, articles, discussion threads and short videos to support a specific just in time knowledge gap
  • Access engaging program content in the MBS Canvas learning platform at any time

The Defence Transformational Strategy promotes a continuous improvement culture. Engaging with the Build on You content will promote access to up to date, strategically aligned and relevant material leading to innovation and improved ways of working. Therefore, helping your team meet upcoming milestones and promote efficiency of work.